Dear Love Being Catholic Friends . . .

Dear “Love Being Catholic” friends,

For those of you who also follow my Love Being Catholic Facebook page, please read below.

Facebook made some changes recently and now only a very small percentage, of the 80,000 friends on the Love Being Catholic Facebook page are receiving these posts. It appears that Facebook is wanting me to pay to get you to see my posts on your page, which I will not and cannot do, but unfortunately my posts are not reaching many of you anymore. I’ve heard from many of you asking where I’ve gone and why I am not posting anymore. I am still posting every day, several times a day, however, it is only showing up on a small percentage of your news feeds. In other words, thousands of Catholics around the world are now not getting these posts.

If you want to see LOVE BEING CATHOLIC posts in your Facebook news feed, go to the top of the Love Being Catholic Facebook page and hover over the “Liked” button. Then click on “GET NOTIFICATIONS.” This is the only way that you will continue to receive these posts. ( If you don’t want to receive them you can also “unlike” me too!) The more you LIKE and COMMENT on these posts, the better it will perform and reach other people.

Either way – I’m trying to spread the joy and beauty of the Catholic faith, and in just a few days Facebook has drastically changed the amount of people this page is reaching. (Almost a 70% drop)

Just please know I am still here posting every day – and I’m not going away. (Though I do feel a little defeated after posting on this site for almost 4 years.) Perhaps some prayers to our new Saint John Paul II might help!

I will also continue to share many of my postings on this blog as well.

The way I see it, if this page has helped even one of you grow closer to Christ, our Blessed Mother and your Catholic faith, it is all worth it.

In Christ,


I love being Catholic


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