A Marriage made in Heaven – and their life with Dementia


Dear Love Being Catholic Friends,

My dad is 87 years old and has suffered from Dementia for the last 7 years. He’s also a (retired) PGA Master Golf Pro – (He received a full golf scholarship to the University of Florida over 60 years ago) – and was the Head Golf Pro at the Naval Air Base in Pensacola, FL – teaching many golf lessons to several of the Blue Angels over the years.

This past week my two sisters and mom (Claire) took him out for a great day riding in a golf cart around a course down in FL. – he loved it and had a wonderful time!

This morning my sister asked him “If you could do five things, what would you want to do?” He replied, “Well, I would marry Claire, then I would marry her again. Then I would marry her again and again. Is that five?”  He and my mom have been married 63 years, pray the rosary every day, and their love and marriage is such an inspiration – in sickness and in health! Just thought I would share this with you all – it made my day and I am so thankful to God for the gift of such wonderful parents.

In Christ, 



Jesus I trust in You!


Jesus I trust in You!

Why are you troubled and confused by the problems that life brings you? Let me care of all your things and they in turn will be better. When you leave them to me, everything is resolved with peace of mind according to my plans.

Do not despair; do not direct agitated prayers to me, as if you want to demand my fulfillment of your desires. Instead of that, close the eyes of your soul and with peace state, “Jesus I trust in You!”

Avoid those concerns that distress you wanting to understand the things that happen to you. Do not ruin my plans by imposing your ideas to me. Allow me to be God, and act freely in your life. Abandon yourself confidently in me. Rest in me and leave your future in my hands. Tell me frequently, “Jesus I trust in You!”

When you say, “Jesus I trust in you”, don’t be like the patient who asks the doctor to cure him, but suggest how to do so. Let me carry you in my divine arms. Don’t be afraid, I love you.

If you think that things worsen or get complicated despite your prayers, remain confident in me. Close the eyes of your soul and continue to say at every moment, “Jesus I trust in You!” I need my hands free to be able to be express my blessings. Do not bind my hands with your useless worries. The devil wants you frustrated, sad, anguished, and to take your peace.

Trust in me, rest in me, abandon yourself to me; I do miracles to the extent that you’ve abandoned yourself to me and according to the faith you have in me. So don’t worry, give me all your anxieties and sleep in peace and tell me always, “Jesus I trust in You!”

And you shall see great miracles, I promise you with all my love,


Kissing the Face of God


“I started to contemplate the awesome privilege that Mary was given, being able to hold God in her arms, but also keeping in mind that He was still her baby. This cute little child whom she bore was also God in the flesh. And yet, she cuddled and kissed Him, just as all mothers do with their babies. This thought propelled me right into this painting which I wanted to be a very human representation of divinity. My prayer is that the viewer will be struck, as I am, with the amazing way that God chose to send His Son into this world — in pure humility.” Morgan Weistling (Artist)


Be Grateful for Everything . . .

Grateful post

No matter how good or bad you have it, wake up each day thankful for your life. Someone somewhere else is desperately fighting for theirs. Many of the things we take for granted, someone else is praying for. Be grateful for everything – even the crosses in your life. They are all a grace.

God will take your sufferings and bring some kind of good out of them, though you may never see the numerous effects of this grace in your lifetime. It may be that because of what you are going through someone else is praying more, loving more, or turning back to God. Offer everything up to God and thank him for the many blessings in your life. Be grateful. God loves you.


There is meaning in suffering . . .


The Pieta is my favorite sculpture. One time in a dream Mary let me feel what it was like to actually hold her son in my arms after He was taken down from the cross. It felt so real. I felt the weight of Jesus’ dead body in my arms. I felt His blood and saw His wounds. I felt the painful and deep sadness of what it must have felt like in Mary’s heart to mourn the death of her Son and hold Him in her arms. It was a heart-wrenching pain like no other. It made me think about suffering – and why God allows bad things to happen to good people. Why do our loved ones have to die, and why is there so much suffering in the world?

Think about this – if God (remember Jesus is God) allowed His own mother to suffer, why not us? God, being God, could have prevented Mary from suffering, but He didn’t. There IS meaning in suffering, though we may not fully understand the meaning of it during our lifetime. Like Mary, we need to embrace our cross. Nobody is immune from suffering. If you are human, you will suffer. Your suffering could be physical, spiritual, emotional, or financial. Regardless of what kind of suffering it is, we will all experience suffering during our lifetime. Mary suffered greatly, and yet she humbly embraced her cross and continues to leads us to Her son. There would be no Easter, without Good Friday. No resurrection without the crucifixion. God always brings good out of suffering – even if it means because of what you are going through someone else is praying more, loving more, or turning back to God. God is outside of time, and His love for us is eternal.

Michelangelo at age 24, sculpted the Pietà from a single block of marble. It is the only one he ever signed. What he hoped to convey in the Pieta was what the term really meant: pity, sorrow.

The Pieta is a representation of the horrific nature of Jesus’s crucifixion, and the reality of a mother losing her child. The death of Christ is essential to Christian doctrine and the juxtaposition of Christ’s human and divine nature is alive in the Pieta. The Christian community can relate to The Pieta on many levels, both in their walks of faith as well as their family relationships.

It is said that he had been criticized for having portrayed the Virgin Mary as too young since she actually must have been around 45-50 years old when Jesus died. He answered that he did so deliberately because the effects of time could not mar the virginal features of this, the most blessed of women. He also said that he was thinking of his own mother’s face, for he was only five when she died: the mother’s face is a symbol of eternal youth.

If you are going through a hard time, look at the cross, or meditate on this sculpture, and know that your God loves you eternally. This earthly life is filled with both great joy and great suffering. At times the pain can be excruciating and unbearable, but know you are not alone. Pray for strength and the grace to embrace your cross and know that God is right there beside you, that our Blessed Mother understands your pain, and that they are both helping you carry your cross, giving you comfort, love, and strength along the way.