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Dear Love Being Catholic Friends,

WELCOME to “Love Being Catholic!”

Thank you all for following this page! I just wanted to introduce myself for anyone who is new to this page, say hello, and thank you for joining “Love Being Catholic!”

My name is Liz and I am the admin for “Love Being Catholic.” I am passionate about my faith, and this page is my little way of spreading the joy and beauty of our Catholic faith. This page is dedicated to Our Blessed Mother, and I pray is under her guidance and protection. It recently reached 280,000 followers, and is currently reaching several million people around the world each month.

I started “Love Being Catholic” nine years ago and post on it every day, beginning with the Morning Offering prayer and an image of our Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus. At 3:00 each day (EST) I post the Divine Mercy Image with the words, “Jesus I trust in You!” I thought it would just help you take a moment out of your day to focus on Christ and remember to TRUST in God’s divine Holy Will. Trust is so important! 

This page is for Catholics, fallen away Catholics who might be interested in re-discovering their faith, or for anyone interested in learning more about what Catholics believe and why we believe it. This page was not set up to bash other religions or Protestant denominations, or to try to convert anyone to Catholicism. (That’s the Holy Spirit’s job.)My mission is to spread the truth, joy and beauty of our faith and hopefully clear up some misconceptions that we all have come across from time to time about our Catholic faith.

I wasn’t always this “into” my faith, but by the grace of God, while watching Saint John Paul II’s funeral several years ago, it struck me that I really did not really understand, or appreciate my Catholic faith. I remember watching the funeral on TV, and thinking about how many people loved this pope, his holiness, and his love for Christ and our Blessed Mother. Saint John Paul II’s death actually started me on my journey back to re-discovering my faith. I realized at the time that I could not answer basic questions that my children asked me about what Catholics believed, and why we believed it. I went through the motions and considered myself Catholic, but really didn’t know or understand, let alone agree with many of the actual teachings of the Catholic Church.

I remember asking a woman, who is now a dear friend of mine, why she was converting to Catholicism. I saw the love and joy that she had for Christ and the Catholic Church, and I wanted that same joy. This same woman prior to becoming Catholic was a member of a mega church down the street where she was very active and led several Bible studies, and yet she converted to Catholicism. I was used to hearing stories of people who had left the Church, so it was refreshing to learn why someone would want to become Catholic.

I asked her why she was converting, and she told me that the Catholic Church contained the “fullness of truth.” At the time I did not understand what she meant by this “fullness of truth”, but these words stuck with me. She told me that the issue of authority and studying church history played a big part in her conversion. She started studying the early church fathers, and discovered what the church was like right after Jesus was crucified.(It was totally Catholic.) She recommended a book to me called “Four Witnesses” by Rod Bennett. I bought the book and loved it. I had never even thought about where the Bible came from, or what the early church was like. She also told me that the movie “The Passion of the Christ” had a profound impact on her conversion to the Catholic faith. (Be sure to watch this movie if you can – it’s very hard to watch, yet very moving!)

I started reading a lot of conversion stories and two books in particular that I really enjoyed were “Surprised by Truth” by Patrick Madrid, and “Rome Sweet Home” by Scott Hahn. These books contained stories of different people from other faiths and religions who converted to Catholicism, and why they converted. They all told their stories honestly, truthfully, and with charity, without bashing their previous religion or christian denomination. Another show I started watching was Marcus Grodi’s show on EWTN called “The Journey Home” which was a show on conversion stories, also done honestly and charitably. I started attending Bible studies, reading the Bible more, and attended talks by Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins, Peter Kreeft, Allen Hunt, Patrick Madrid, and Matthew Kelly. I loved listening to others who were passionate about their Catholic faith, and hearing about why they loved being Catholic. I loved how so many people who converted to Catholicism used both faith and reason in their journeys. Each story I heard just logically made sense to me, as I searched for this “truth.”

Though I am a cradle Catholic, and have always attended Mass, I would often sit in the back and leave right after communion. I didn’t get it. I did not appreciate the beauty of the Mass, and definitely took it for granted. By the grace of God, my husband decided to convert and became a Catholic in 2007. I attended his RCIA classes with him to re-learn my faith, and loved every minute of it. His conversion to Catholicism actually helped to make me a better Catholic. My husband, a former Lutheran, is now very devoted to our Blessed Mother, and is the one who got us praying the rosary together every night. (Mary has a way of drawing her children back to the Catholic faith. Just a piece of advice -the rosary is a very powerful weapon!)

I attended a Catholic high school in Atlanta, and graduated from the University of Georgia. (Go Dawgs!) I currently work planning events for a private Catholic school. I have three children, ages 23, 19, and 16, ten brothers and sisters, tons of brother & sister-in-laws, a thousand or so nieces and nephews, and am blessed with the best parents and in-laws a girl could ask for. ) I am also a 20 year breast cancer survivor. (Yay!)

I also want to personally thank so many of you for praying for my husband when he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a few years ago, and most recently for my mom who recently had hip replacement surgery at age 85. Your prayers have truly been amazing – and I am so thankful for you all!

I also have a blog at www.lovebeingcatholic.com that I post on in case you have family and friends who are not on Facebook. From this site you can easily print out, email, or share the posts and prayers.

Many of you have asked if there is a way to donate to my online ministry. You can donate securely online at https://lovebeingcatholic.com/donate/ Anything you can do is greatly appreciated! Your donations help pay for my husband’s medical bills and monthly prescriptions – thank you all for your prayers and support!

I am truly grateful to be given the gift of my Catholic faith, have a deep love for Christ and His Blessed Mother, and am so happy and humbled to be a member of His “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church” – though I fail miserably all the time. (Thank goodness for God’s mercy!) I am still learning and re-discovering my faith, enjoy sharing it with others, and hope you enjoy it too.

That’s all (sorry this was so long!) – I just wanted to say hello and thank you for joining this page! Please know I am praying for you all and wanted to thank you again for following this page!

And one more thing, if you couldn’t tell, I Love Being Catholic! 

In Christ, 



Dear Love Being Catholic Friends,

Mary playing with Jesus

Dear Love Being Catholic Friends,

My mission is to help you grow deeper in your love for Christ, His Church, and our Blessed Mother, while at the same time give you some easy-to-understand answers to questions you might have been asked by others about our faith.

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Please also keep me in your prayers – you are all in my prayers as well!

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In Christ,



Dear Love Being Catholic Friends,


Dear Love Being Catholic Friends,

Thank you so much for following this blog or my Facebook page, “Love Being Catholic.” My mission is to help you grow deeper in your love for Christ, His Church, and our Blessed Mother, while at the same time give you some easy-to-understand answers to questions you might have been asked by others about our faith. Through the grace of God, the Facebook page and blog have over 235,000 friends and are reaching several million people around the world each month.

As the sole administrator of Love Being Catholic, it takes many hours to research, write and maintain these sites, and any support is appreciated! If you’re enjoying this page, and it has been a blessing to you, please consider supporting it with even a modest donation – every little bit helps.

If you have donated already, I thank you wholeheartedly for making all of this possible. Thank you all for your support! Please also keep me in your prayers, and know that you are all in mine!

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In Christ,


Evening Prayer


Thank you Lord for the goodness of this day.

I was not always aware of Your presence. But you were there. For those times I drifted away from Your Spirit within me, I am sorry. I hope tomorrow, and all my tomorrows, will be filled with a more lively sense of Your will for me and Your presence in the world around me. Give me a good night’s sleep so that I can rise in the morning refreshed and with renewed faith, hope and love. Amen.

Lord, thank you for this time of rest. I place all my trust in You this night. In preparing for sleep, I have taken a moment to acknowledge my need for forgiveness, encouragement and reassurance. I place before You all the concerns and worries I have for myself and for others this evening. Trusting in Your everlasting love, I pray for a tranquil spirit and deep rest. May these and all my prayers be in accordance with Your holy will. Amen.

Jesus, help me to let go of my cares and frustrations so I can surrender to Your embrace in the loving arms of sleep. Amen.



Thank you!

Mary playing with Jesus

Thank you for following this blog, or my “Love Being Catholic” Facebook page!

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Thank you for all your prayers and support! Wishing you all a beautiful Advent season and Christmas!

Please know I am praying for you too!

In Christ,



Dear Love Being Catholic Friends . . .

Dear “Love Being Catholic” friends,

For those of you who also follow my Love Being Catholic Facebook page, please read below.

Facebook made some changes recently and now only a very small percentage, of the 80,000 friends on the Love Being Catholic Facebook page are receiving these posts. It appears that Facebook is wanting me to pay to get you to see my posts on your page, which I will not and cannot do, but unfortunately my posts are not reaching many of you anymore. I’ve heard from many of you asking where I’ve gone and why I am not posting anymore. I am still posting every day, several times a day, however, it is only showing up on a small percentage of your news feeds. In other words, thousands of Catholics around the world are now not getting these posts.

If you want to see LOVE BEING CATHOLIC posts in your Facebook news feed, go to the top of the Love Being Catholic Facebook page and hover over the “Liked” button. Then click on “GET NOTIFICATIONS.” This is the only way that you will continue to receive these posts. ( If you don’t want to receive them you can also “unlike” me too!) The more you LIKE and COMMENT on these posts, the better it will perform and reach other people.

Either way – I’m trying to spread the joy and beauty of the Catholic faith, and in just a few days Facebook has drastically changed the amount of people this page is reaching. (Almost a 70% drop)

Just please know I am still here posting every day – and I’m not going away. (Though I do feel a little defeated after posting on this site for almost 4 years.) Perhaps some prayers to our new Saint John Paul II might help!

I will also continue to share many of my postings on this blog as well.

The way I see it, if this page has helped even one of you grow closer to Christ, our Blessed Mother and your Catholic faith, it is all worth it.

In Christ,


I love being Catholic