mom and dad photo

Hi – I thought I would share this sweet picture of my mom and dad. They have been married 59 years, and have eleven children and 26 grandchildren. We had 48 of us together last year for Thanksgiving, and in between our family parties they grabbed a quick, twenty minute nap on my couch to rest up for the next family event. They are both in their 80’s, are always holding hands, and love each other and all of us unconditionally. They cherish their Catholic faith, attend daily Mass, and pray the rosary together every afternoon. I love what this picture represents, and thought you would too.


3 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. A promising hope for becoming older. I am 50 now and married for 25 years. One of the reasons that I love being catholic is that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are always with us in that I still feel like a child inside and that is God. He knows us and walks with us and knows what we need. My favorite mystery of the rosary is the glorious mystery. This is where Jesus comes back from the dead to live with us in a glorious way. This is how we are supposed to be living and treating life. Thank you for your post!

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