Prayer for when your child leaves home


Gracious God,
you blessed me
with the gift of my child
and entrusted me
with his/her care.
Now he/she leaves this home
and begins a new life
apart from me.
Surround him/her
with good people
and watch over him/her each day.
And let him/her know that I will always be near
whenever he/she may need me.
Heal any hurts we may harbor with one another
and forgive our failings as we learn
to be in a new kind of relationship with each other.
And when the sight of his/her empty room
pierces my heart with sadness,
may I find comfort in knowing that my child is your child too,
filled with your grace and sheltered by your love. Amen.

Pray big for your child

Pray big for your children and grandchildren! This time of year many are headed off for mission trips, vacations and Spring Break. Lots of prayers that God keeps them all safely tucked away in the palm of His hand, and that our Blessed Mother watches over them.

Pray big for your child