Dear “Love Being Catholic” Friends,

Love Being Catholic

Dear Love Being Catholic Friends,

Thank you so much for following this blog or my Facebook page, “Love Being Catholic.” My mission is to help you grow deeper in your love for Christ, His Church, and our Blessed Mother, while at the same time give you some easy-to-understand answers to questions you might have been asked by others about our faith. Through the grace of God, the Facebook page and blog have over 212,000 friends and are reaching several million people around the world each month.

As the sole administrator of Love Being Catholic, it takes many hours to research, write and maintain these sites, and any support is appreciated! If you’re enjoying this page, and it has been a blessing to you, please consider supporting it with even a modest donation – every little bit helps.

If you have donated already, I thank you wholeheartedly for making all of this possible. Thank you all for your support! Please also keep me in your prayers, and know that you are all in mine!

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In Christ,


3 thoughts on “Dear “Love Being Catholic” Friends,

  1. Hi Liz,
    I commend you for your blog. God gives you a gift of writing and you share it with God’s people for their salvation and healing. May you continue reflecting and journaling your thoughts as you reflect on the great love of God for all humanity. – Alvin,

    • Hi Alvin – thank you so much – what a sweet comment! Thank you also for all you do and I hope you have a great week! In Christ, Liz

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