If we don’t stand up for life, who will?

As a Catholic, when you say you are against abortion, but respect a woman’s right to choose to have one, think about what you are really saying. You are saying that you personally wouldn’t abort your own child, but it’s fine if someone else does. In other words, the life of the child really doesn’t matter to you. This is not being Catholic. If you are a Catholic, and not in name only, you are for all life – from conception to natural death. You certainly are free to believe other wise, but if you think abortion is okay, you are going against the church that Jesus Christ Himself founded – the Catholic Church. Abortion is not of God, thought the secular world is very good at convincing you otherwise.

We don’t get to pick and choose who lives and who dies. God is the author of all life. By being okay with abortion, this is exactly what you are doing. We are not God, as much as many in the world would like to think that we are. Science has proven that life begins at conception. Even atheist acknowledge this. When Jesus was in His mother’s womb, He was an embryo. Think about this and how valued the life inside the womb must be to God. God, being God, could have chosen a different way to come down from Heaven and dwell among us. But he didn’t. He could have come to us already full-grown, with no family. But He didn’t. Instead he chose to come to us through the womb of a woman, as a vulnerable baby. Pretty powerful example to the preciousness of life in the womb, of babies and of families.

Do not believe the lies the secular world tells you. Do not believe everything you hear on television, or read in the paper. There is a powerful agenda out there and they do not have your best interest at heart. God does. Many, many young women are vulnerable to these lies. Help them, protect them and encourage them to give life to their child. They need your support. They need your help. Don’t abandon them. Catholics need to step up to the plate, help the mothers, protect the little ones, and stop falling for the “It’s my body I can do with it what I want to” lies. With this logic, why don’t you go out and support women being prostitutes? It’s their body – why not? Go ahead and encourage drug use – it’s their body – shouldn’t they be able to use drugs and do whatever they want to with it? Abortion is big business and makes a lot of money for the abortionist and Planned Parenthood. You’ve been sold a huge lie, and by buying into it millions of children have been dismembered and destroyed. Dismembered. This is reality and the truth of abortion. Human children are being destroyed every day in our world, and yet we listen to the lies rather than God. Your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren will never exist because of a lie. We are all better than this.

Do the right thing and truly live your Catholic faith. If you don’t understand a hard teaching, pray for understanding and then read, study and find out why the Church that was Jesus Christ founded 2000 years ago teaches and believe what it does. These teachings aren’t mean or old-fashioned. They are of God, who has our best interest and our eternal souls at heart. Jesus founded our Church and left us the Holy Spirit to always guide us in truth. Know your faith and stand up for life. Be Bold. Be Catholic. Be good, holy, moral people. Stand up for truth. Stand up for life. If we don’t, who will?



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