Prayer to Saint Anne

Saint Anne

Prayer to St. Anne:
St. Anne, pray for God to bless my family. My family is the heart of my life. It is my little Church. St. Anne, guard the members of my family against all physical and spiritual danger. You lived in the presence of your husband, St. Joachim, and your little daughter, Mary. Later, you welcomed your son-in-law, St. Joseph, and above all your beloved Grandson, Jesus, our Savior. May your family inspire all of our families. May we remain united in a deep mutual love forever. If my family is broken by separation or divorce, remain for us the Saint of tenderness and unity, which leads all souls to God. St. Anne, you were a spouse, a mother, and a grandmother; bless all the members of my family. Keep us faithful to the Lord and to each other. May we also remain attentive to the needs of other families. Good St. Anne, protect all families. Amen.


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