Evening Prayer


Thank you Lord for the goodness of this day.

I was not always aware of Your presence. But you were there. For those times I drifted away from Your Spirit within me, I am sorry. I hope tomorrow, and all my tomorrows, will be filled with a more lively sense of Your will for me and Your presence in the world around me. Give me a good night’s sleep so that I can rise in the morning refreshed and with renewed faith, hope and love. Amen.

Lord, thank you for this time of rest. I place all my trust in You this night. In preparing for sleep, I have taken a moment to acknowledge my need for forgiveness, encouragement and reassurance. I place before You all the concerns and worries I have for myself and for others this evening. Trusting in Your everlasting love, I pray for a tranquil spirit and deep rest. May these and all my prayers be in accordance with Your holy will. Amen.

Jesus, help me to let go of my cares and frustrations so I can surrender to Your embrace in the loving arms of sleep. Amen.


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